Navigating The Complexities Of Solar Regulation

As demand for clean energy has increased over the past decade, solar energy has gained popularity in New Jersey and across the United States. However, project development, construction, regulatory issues, and financing can be difficult for interested parties to achieve in a timely, cost-efficient manner. They must first create thorough contracts that can protect their best interests, as well as navigate complex regulations and evaluate financing options.

The lawyers of Russo Tumulty Nester Thompson & Kelly, LLP, have significant experience in this very specific field of law. They can anticipate potential concerns, help you avoid costly mistakes, and properly document transactions so that you projects are better aligned to succeed. Attorney Howard Thompson was an early participant in the solar energy field in New Jersey and has a decade of experience in engineering, procurement and construction contracts, power purchase agreements, and project development, as well as nearly four decades of business and finance law experience. He utilizes this knowledge base to devise solutions for you to complete your desired solar power projects, secure necessary financing and protect your business's short-term and long-term interests.


Experienced Counsel Through Each Phase Of The Project

Russo Tumulty can provide counsel from initial project conceptualization through completion. The sooner you involve a knowledgeable legal team, the better your chances of a successful outcome with minimal problems. The firm regularly assists clients with:

  • Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) contracts
  • Purchase and sale, asset, LLC and membership interest purchase agreements
  • Drafting subcontractor, supply and development contracts
  • Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs)
  • Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)
  • Ensuring regulatory adherence
  • Land and other commercial real estate leases and purchases
  • Project financing
  • Environmental impact assessments

    In-Depth Knowledge To Efficiently Complete Projects

    Howard Thompson participates in several solar energy stakeholder groups regarding regulation. He has a thorough understanding of the many issues involved in solar regulation, and New Jersey's overarching plan for its future direction.

    Additionally, the firm has represented a variety of clients with stakes in the projects: business owners, contractors, lenders, engineers, consulting firms, developers and more. This experience allows Russo Tumulty to understand each party's point of view and aids in creating fair contracts and agreements that can more easily avoid contention throughout the project.

    Contact The Firm For Thorough Legal Counsel

    When you are involved in a solar or other type of renewable energy project, you require an experienced attorney who understands the issues at play and how to protect your financial interests.

    Call Russo Tumulty Nester Thompson & Kelly, LLP, at 800-654-6195 to speak with highly respected solar regulatory lawyers. You can also contact their Morristown office online.